Exterior House Painting

Quality exterior house painting is about more than selecting the right color. A beautiful and durable finish is always top of mind, and following the proper steps and selecting reliable paint products are essential to the success of your project. In many cases, some minor carpentry repairs are required to address rot issues around your fascia, soffits or siding seams. Whatever the condition of your house, we perform a detailed inspection to make sure that our customers not only beautify their home, but also that they maximize their investment in their project.

Exterior Preparation

Yes, you want your home to look beautiful, but more importantly, you want your paint job to protect your home against the elements and provide a durable finish over the long-term. We begin by washing your home to ensure a clean surface, then we scrape sand and spot-prime any peeling surfaces. All caulking is performed to a clean and tight condition to seal any joints and seams.

Protecting Your Property

Caring for your lawn and landscaping are top of mind when performing exterior painting projects. We always look to minimize any impact to plants and shrubs and are conscious about taking care of your patios, decks and paved areas. In addition, it’s important that we maintain a clean and organized jobsite and respect your neighbors. All trash and paint chips are removed from your property and inspected at the completion of the job.

Exterior Surfaces

Different exterior areas and surfaces require a different approach. We are experienced in painting brick and stucco; wood, vinyl and composite siding; shutters, doors, screened porches, outdoor kitchens, sheds and more.

Our Warranty

We stand behind our proven process and approach to exterior house painting with a 3-year warranty against mildew and peeling.