Carpentry Services

We offer small carpentry services and repairs as a value add to our customers. Many home exteriors experience small areas of wood rot, most often found in fascia and soffit areas beneath gutters, around window trim, in siding joints, and at the base of columns or door frames. Wherever water may have an opportunity to collect, rot has an opportunity to occur. Any rotted areas should be repaired by a professional carpenter before the exterior painting begins. Left alone, small areas of concern can lead to major issues down the road. All exterior paint projects include a complimentary inspection of your home to identify and areas that need attention.

exterior wood rot carpentry repair

Small Carpentry Projects

When you have numerous projects you’d like to complete around your home, having to find, contact and manage numerous contractors can be difficult, not to mention expensive. Many builders, carpenters and general contractors set a minimum project size, which can make it even more frustrating. In addition to preparing for exterior painting, our professional carpentry services include small projects. We are experienced in installing interior trim work, crown molding, baseboards; building sheds, fences, gates, decks, screened porches and other small construction projects. Save time and eliminate hassles. Consider us your one-stop shop and bring your small carpentry ideas and needs to us!

Expert Craftsmanship

Consistent with our professional painting services, we value and deliver expertise and craftsmanship, often at a significant value and savings when compared to other specialized carpenters, builders and general contractors.

Handyman Services

When painting your home, it’s not uncommon to for customers to ask us to perform other small handyman services. It often goes with the territory, so we’re more than happy to assist with most small needs as part of our services, including hardware replacement and installation, small electrical projects and more.